Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miles Family Reunion

Every year around the third Saturday of June, the Miles' gather together in reunion. This year we met at Blue Springs in Jackson County. Beautiful place, but let me you tell you it was freezing cold (and that's saying something from this Bear Creek raised girl!). Kara swam for about 2.5 minutes than decided she would rather play outside of the water. Evy's toes hit the water and she started pulling those little feet up closer and closer.

As always there was a plethora of great home cooking. Home grown veggies cooked to country perfection and the best homemade banana pudding in the panhandle.

I've always been proud to have been born into such a great family. We Miles' stick together, through thick and thin. That red dirt road upbringing runs deep. Even as we get older, marry, and many us move into the "city", you can't cut those country roots.

Below are a few pictures of the wonderful day we had.

The Miles Generations
Grandchildren of Albert Joseph Miles (Generation 3)

Generation 4

Generation 5