Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The End of Summer Recap

The end of summer is finally upon us. Kara starts Pre K next week. Although it has been almost unbearably hot this year, we have had several fun adventures during these dog days of summer. Just a few blocks away from our house is a small neighborhood playground that we have taken the bike and buggy to for Kara to play; another block away is a nice shaded park that goes down to the bay that we visit for picnics and swimming. They are both little Cove treasures that help us get out and burn off some of that three-and-a-half-year-old energy. We've kinda made it a tradition to make ham & cheese crescent rolls to take with us when we visit. So here's to you've made your mom's summer with picnics at the park. I have enjoyed watching you grow before my eyes these past few months. And even though you are only going to be at school for half a day, I'm going to miss having you with me in the mornings :-)

Ham & Cheese Wrapped Crescent Rolls
Ingredients: One Can Crescent Rolls, 8 Slices Ham, & Shredded Cheese
Wrap ham and cheese and Cook at 380 Degrees for 12 Minutes

Last Picnic of the Summer 2014 



Last Park Day of the Summer 2014


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