Tuesday, December 15, 2015

High Point Market 2015

Sooooo many people always ask, "What exactly does your husband do for a living?" When you tell people he works in the wholesale art industry, it's the very abridged answer. He does so much more then "just makes picture frames" for a living. In short he is like a general manager / production crew all-in-one. Other then painting of the actual artwork, Hunter does everything from start to finish for the company ArtZone. Basically his work week consists of pulling orders, building frames and mattes, fabricating all the framing for artwork, touching up all the artwork, boxing and packaging all the artwork, and delivery of artwork. So like I said, he is a one man show, from start to finish.

All of the orders from ArtZone come from the spring and fall markets. And then during market months (April and October) you can add the travel to and from High Point, North Carolina where the market crew goes to set up a whole new show room. ArtZone is partnered with the Natural Light lamp company so this show room is nothing but lamps and framed art. After market is over, Hunter goes back up to market for the "tear down" and I have had the privilege of going with him on this trip for the past few years. I LOVE seeing the market show room. It is really just beautiful, and you see all the hard work that was put into the past six months to bring such art and talent to fruition. 

I must admit, even before I went to market for the first time in 2008, I really didn't even understand exactly what Hunter did either. Since seeing is believing in some cases, I decided to record a show room walk through during my last visit.  Now, you as an audience can see exactly how BIG the market show room is and the scale of the art work that is created each year. 

So here are a few snapshots of the Fall 2015 Natural Light Market.

Till Next Time!