Friday, December 18, 2015

Personal Stationary....Perfect Holiday Gifts!

We've been busy little bees in this Lucky household this past month. Birthday Parties, Christmas Cards, and stationary orders  have pretty much ran this house since December 1st. Sometimes I don't even have time to post things that we are selling because I am trying so fast to get them out, or the blog updated, a Facebook Business Page or the Etsy shop set up . Like most modern day women, it is a constant balancing act of work and home, home and work, and just plain homework!

But here are a few of the designs for the personal stationary that we are doing this season. The prices for packages are $7 for 8 or $10 for 16. Each package comes with two different front designs so you will have 4 (8 for 16) cards of each design. You also get a choice of two colors for each set. And all orders come in a nice pretty, little package!